I'm currently seeking new projects and opportunities, so please feel free to contact me.


I've been working as a graphic designer, art director and creative lead for more than 10 years. In that time I've designed and managed countless projects across the print and digital spectrums. My favorite jobs are always the unique ones, but regardless of size or kind no project ever leaves my desk unless I am proud of it.

Freelance Work:

I love freelance work. I love the creative challenges, the rare opportunities, and the good causes. As an individual with a kick ass office (it even has a couch!) and a super awesome computer, you can expect to receive 100% of my attention to detail, most of my free time and all of the creativity I have to offer.

On A Desert Island:

So you say I'm stranded on a desert island and I can only bring 3 things with me? That's easy. My wife, my dog and a staffed mega yacht. Not one of those tiny 150 footers either. We're talking a yacht so ridiculous middle eastern sultans would throw their hands up at the sight of it and say, "Oh what the &*$#".

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